About the Author

Howard Terry alias Terrible Terry likes to think he is an ordinary guy—but he is not. At age fifteen he joined the Marines; he wanted to fight the Japanese.

His mother only wanted his thirty dollars a month allotment. He found himself in the middle of the war. He survived and did what he had to do until the war was won. Afterwards, he was sent to China to free the country from the Japanese. He witnessed horror and treachery beyond human imagination.

After almost five years of serving his country, he returned home, expecting to be received as a hero but instead was rejected by his family and society; after all, the war had been over nearly a year. Unable to hold a job, plagued by memories of almost five years of human slaughter and degradation, and still a kid not yet twenty one he wandered aimlessly around America hungry and disillusioned, until a woman, a few years older than him—she was twenty-six—saw in him what few others did not: his need for love and understanding.