About the Book

This is Howard Terry’s story; told in his own words…

Terry was fifteen years old when he was enlisted in the Marines. He was young and did not grasp much about anything except the dream of becoming a Marine and serving his country, America. The tale narrates where he signed up, how he overcame the training, where he was sent, what daring and traumatic encounters he has witnessed—all before reaching the age of twenty.

After military duty in Okinawa, Japan, for four years, he was sent home. Although the war has ended, his exploits were far from over. This memoir continues to narrate Terry’s life as he worked in various jobs and found the love of his life in a woman named Mary. With her, he was able to cope with the staggering and haunting flashbacks of the war that disturbed him both in his sleep and in his daily activities.

Terrible Terry: Just a Marine reminds readers to cherish the most important things in one’s life and be grateful for all the memories.